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Anti-termite preconstruction treatment for builders

Builders...! Call United Termite & Pest to have your construction project pretreated to resist termite infestation. It's guaranteed for a year!

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Guaranteed preconstruction treatment

In Maryland, we like to build by placing concrete slab directly on the soil. Often, the slabs will crack or shrink away from the foundation wall, allowing termites to infest the wood above. As a builder, you should be aware that United Termite & Pest is well versed in preconstruction treatment of foundation footings, walls and / or piers to resist termite attack.

Our method of treatment for new construction:

Preconstruction Treatment of Foundation Walls and Piers

After the footings are poured and the foundation walls and/or piers have been constructed, the insecticide is applied to a trench in the soil about 6-12 inches wide and 4-6 inches deep adjacent to the foundation. The insecticide must be applied to both the inside and outside of the foundation and also around piers, chimney bases, pipes, conduits and any other structures in contact with the soil. The trench should be as deep as the top of the footing. The insecticide should be mixed with water as recommended on the pesticide label and applied at the rate of 4 gallons per 10 linear feet of trench. The insecticide should be mixed with the soil as it is being replaced.

Preconstruction Treatment of Concrete Slabs

The soil underneath and around the concrete slab should be treated with insecticide before the concrete slab is poured. The chemical is applied after all the subslab fill and reinforcement rods are in place. Diluted spray is applied to the fill at the rate of 1 gal. per 10 sq. ft. Along both sides of foundation walls and interior foundation walls and plumbing (critical areas), applying diluted insecticide at the rate of 4 gal. per 10 linear feet. Treating all hollow masonry units of foundations with 4 gal. of diluted spray per 10 linear feet. Applying the insecticide to reach the footing.

Our treatments are guaranteed to the new home owner
for one year from the date of service.

You build, we protect. Pretreat those
foundation footings, walls and piers against termite attack.

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